Moving Service, New England.

Turcotte Moving & Storage is a full-service moving and storage company located in Hampton, New Hampshire. We are a premium local & regional New England moving service, and home delivery service.

Why Choose Turcotte Moving & Storage?

The dedication and experience of our moving service personnel are what make our company unique. Our owner, Steve Turcotte, is often on site helping to ensure that every detail of your move is attended to. We have a very experienced core group of movers that have been with the company for years. Our customer's continue to rank our moving service as A+.

Who We Serve

Our clientele consists of people who are up-scaling, and people who are downsizing. We do not discriminate about the size of any job. We’ll be happy to help you move a single item or an entire estate. We regularly perform moving services for antique dealers, auctioneers, interior designers, retail furniture stores, realtors, cabinet manufacturers, and so many more…

Services We Offer